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Join Fortune Wings Club


Fortune Wings Club is the global loyalty and rewards program for Hong Kong Airlines. The Fortune Wings Club has secured several partnerships to provide you with a wide array of wonderful gifts and benefits. You can easily earn points by flying with Hong Kong Airlines and our airlines partners including Hainan Airlines, using dedicated credit cards, staying in hotels or renting cars. Then you may use the points to redeem free air tickets, upgrade and many other lifestyle awards.


Membership Tiers

Points (within 12 months)

Upgrade segments   (within 12 months)

Platinum Card

Accrued 100,000 points

80 sectors

Gold Card

Accrued 50,000 points

40 sectors

Silver Card

Accrued 30,000 points

20 sectors

Select Card

Accrued 5,000 points

4 sectors

Fortune Wings Member





  1. 1.The points required for upgrading or renewing the Elite membership is the base points you earn when flying on eligible classes with Hong Kong Airlines (HX) and other partner airlines excluding bonus points, points earned from partners or any other promotional points.

  2. 2.Points accrual for memberships upgrading or renewing is based on the booking class of the eligible scheduled flights. For more information please click here.

  3. 3.Membership status is valid for 12 months from the date of issuance. To stay on your current membership tier, you need to have at least the minimum number of points or have made the necessary number of qualifying flights. If this is not the case, your membership tier will be downgraded.

  4. 4.Members who have qualified for tier upgrade will receive an elite membership card within 4-6 weeks. Please contact Fortune Wings Club if you do not receive your elite membership card.


Planning Your Trip

Benefits / Tiers






Bonus points (1)

Extra 50% 
Bonus points

Extra 50% 
Bonus points

Extra 25% 
Bonus points

24hrs Reservation

Priority Answering

Priority Booking

Priority Waitlist

Free change on Redemption Ticket / Redemption Upgrade

Check-in Your Flight

Priority Check-in (2)

 (with 2 companions)

 (with 1 companion)

Extra Legroom Seat (3)




Priority Baggage

Extra Baggage Allowance (4)

30 kg / 1 pc

30 kg / 1 pc

20 kg / 1 pc

Ready to Board

Access to Club 
Bauhinia at HKIA (5)

 (with 2 companions)

 (with 1 companion)

Priority Boarding

 (with 2 companions)

 (with 1 companion)

Onboard The Flight

Inflight Duty Free Discount

5 % off on any 
net purchase

5 % off on any 
net purchase

5 % off on any 
net purchase

5 % off with purchase over HKD $1,000 on net purchase

5 % off with purchase over HKD $1,000 on net purchase

Additional Benefits

Tiers Upgrade / 
Renewal Reward (6)

Domestic upgrade
coupons x2 & International upgrade coupon x1

Domestic upgrade
coupons x2

Domestic upgrade
coupons x2

1,000 Bonus points

Validity rolling for qualified points/ sectors (7)

Points Credit (8)



Additional Elite 
Membership (9)

Silver x 1*

Account Update via SMS

Members Only Promotions


Terms & Conditions:


  1. (1)    Fortune Wings Club Platinum, Gold and Silver card members may earn an extra 50% or 25% bonus points respectively apart from their base points accrual (subject to booking class) when travelling on Hong Kong Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Grand China Air, Lucky Air, Tianjin Airlines and Capital Airlines.

  2. (2)    Accompanied companion must be travel on same flight with the Elite members.

  3. (3)    Elite members may reserve Extra Legroom Seat through Hong Kong Airlines Customer Service Center 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, Elite members may also request upon check-in at the Airport. Hong Kong Airlines Customer Service Center hotlines: Hong Kong 3916 3666/ Mainland China 950717.

  4. (4)    Please click here for more details of check-in baggage allowance.

  5. (5)    Companion of Platinum and Gold card travel on full fare ticket can enjoy related service except code-sharing flights.

  6. (6)    Domestic upgrade coupon can be used for All domestic flights operated by members' Airlines of Fortune Wings Club, except Hong Kong Airlines (HX). Please click here for more details.

        International upgrade coupon can be used for All international flights operated by members' Airlines of Fortune Wings Club. Please click here for more details.

        Upgrade coupons applicable on restricted booking class only. Please contact Hong Kong Airlines Customer Service Center or Ticketing office 24 hours in advance for upgrade request.

  7. (7)    Elite members may save the remain qualified points / segments once they achieved the required amount for tiers upgrade or renew.

  8. (8)  Points will automatically overdraw when Platinum or Gold members do not have enough points during redemption process. If there's any overdraw records in member's account, the upcoming earned points will be offset the overdraw.

  9. (9)  Every Platinum card member can apply one Silver card membership for companion within the Platinum membership period.