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If you would like to pursue a career with ample training and development opportunities, then look no further than Hong Kong Airlines. We provide professional training and career development opportunities for those who are prepared to grow with an energetic company. Due to rapid expansion, we are looking for high caliber candidates to join our professional team.

Please find the opportunities currently available as below:-
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Corporate Safety
Post Reference No . Date
Assistant Manager, Quality & Risk HKA/COM/0521_AMQR 2015-05-21
Service Delivery-Cabin Crew
Post Reference No . Date
Flight Attendant HKA/COM/FA 2015-05-14
Flight Purser HKA/COM/FP 2015-05-14
Senior Purser HKA/COM/SP 2015-05-14
Human Resources & Administration
Post Reference No . Date
HRMS/Training Officer HKA/COM/0520_HRMSTO 2015-05-20
Human Resources Officer (C&B) HKA/COM/0519_HROCB 2015-05-19
Human Resources Officer (Secretary) HKA/COM/0508_HROS 2015-05-08
Manager, Training HKA/COM/0227_AMT 2015-05-18
Office, Administration HKA/COM/0506_AOHR 2015-05-06
Supervisor, Administration HKA/COM/0320_SA 2015-03-20
Supervisor, Recruitment & Staffing HKA/COM/0223_SRS 2015-03-30
Post Reference No . Date
AOG Desk Officer HKA/COM/0328_AOG 2015-05-14
Store Keeper HKA/COM/0326_PSK 2015-04-13
Post Reference No . Date
Manager, Strategy and Investment Management HKA/COM/0519_MSIM 2015-05-19
Officer, Accounting (Treasury & Financing) HKA/COM/0506_AOTF 2015-05-06
Service Delivery - Airport Services
Post Reference No . Date
Administration Officer HAGSL/COM/1205_AO 2014-12-05
Cashier Officer HKA/COM/0527_CO 2014-12-03
Customer Service Leader HKA/COM/CSL 2014-12-03
Customer Services Officer HKA/AS/2013 2014-12-03
Customer Services Officer - Airport Ticketing HKA/AS/2013 2014-12-03
Customer Services Officer- Baggage Services HKA/COM/1216_CS-BS 2014-12-03
Customer Services Supervisor HKA/COM/CSS 2014-12-03
Human Resources Officer HAGSL/COM/1204_HRO 2014-12-05
MIS Supervisor HAGSL/COM/1028_MIS 2014-12-03
Supervisor, Quality, Safety & Security HAGSL/COM/1205_SQSS 2014-12-05
Post Reference No . Date
Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing HKA/COM/0206_AMDM 2015-02-06
Assistant Manager, Marketing (Product) HKA/COM/0211_AMM 2015-05-13
Assistant Manager, Product Development HKA/COM/0317_AMPD 2015-03-17
Assistant Manager, Sales & Marketing HKA/COM/0424_AMSM 2015-04-24
Graphic Designer HKA/COM/0416_GD 2015-04-16
Manager, Frequent Flyer Program HKA/COM/0923_MCBD 2015-03-20
Officer, Accounting (HKA Holidays) HKA/COM/0421_OAKT 2015-04-21
Officer, Digital Marketing HKA/COM/0211_ODM 2015-04-17
Officer, E-Commerce HKA/COM/0318_ECO 2015-03-18
Officer, GSA/Off-line Sales HKA/COM/0303_GSA 2015-03-03
Officer, Indoor Sales & Marketing HKA/COM/0330_OISM 2015-03-30
Officer, Pricing & Tariff HKA/COM/0314_OPT 2015-02-27
Officer, Product Operations HKA/COM/0904_OPO 2015-04-20
Officer, Quality Control (Call Center) HKA/COM/0217_QCO 2015-02-17
Officer, Sales HKA/COM/0527_SO 2015-01-16
Officer, Strategy & Planning HKA/COM/0410_OSP 2015-04-10
Officer, Ticketing HKA/COM/0521_OT 2015-05-21
Officer, Revenue Control HKA/COM/0502_RCO 2015-02-27
Supervisor, Corporate Communications HKA/COM/0410_CCS 2015-04-10
Supervisor, Product Operations HKA/COM/0428_SPO 2015-04-28
Corporate Safety
Post Reference No . Date
General Manager, Corporate Safety & Security HKA/COM/0317_GMCSS 2015-03-17
Supervisor, Security HKA/COM/1007_SS 2015-05-14
Supervisor/Officer, Quality Assurance HKA/COM/0513_SOQA 2015-05-13
Flight Operations
Post Reference No . Date
Assistant Manager, Dispatch Operations HKA/COM/0522_AMDO 2015-05-22
Competency Manager HKA/COM/0427_CM 2015-04-27
Flight Operations Engineer (Performance Engineer) HKA/COM/0708_FOPE 2015-05-14
Manager, Pilot Recruitment HKA/COM/1030_PRM 2015-01-30
Officer, Administration (Training-FOP) Temporary HKA/COM/0504_OAT 2015-05-04
Officer, Pilot Recruitment HKA/COM/0224_PRO 2015-02-24
Officer, Technical Publication and Library HKA/JDB/OTPL 2015-05-14
Safety and Emergency Procedures Trainer HKA/COM/0415_SEPT 2015-03-30
Post Reference No . Date
Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic HKA/COM/0116_AMM 2015-05-14
Assistant Officer/Officer, Maintenance Control HKA/COM/0721_MCC 2015-05-14
Cabin Maintenance Planner HKA/COM/0506_CMP 2015-05-06
Engineer, Non-Destructive Testing HKA/COM/0205_NDTE 2015-05-14
Engineer, Quality Assurance HKA/COM/0422_EQA 2015-04-23
Line Maintenance Engineer HKA/COM/0105_LME 2015-05-14
Maintenance Planner HKA/COM/0507_MCP 2015-05-07
Mechanic, Ground Service Equipment HKA/COM/0512_MGSE 2015-05-12
Officer, Supplier Quality Management HKA/COM/0422_OSQ 2015-04-23
Officer, Technical Record HKA/COM/0511_OTR 2015-05-11
Senior Engineer, Aircraft Maintenance HKA/COM/0904_SEAM 2015-05-14
Station Engineer HKA/COM/0116_SE 2015-05-14
Supervisor, Engineering HR & Administration HKA/COM/0318_AMEHA 2015-04-23
Supervisor, Ground Support Equipment HKA/COM/1118_GSE 2015-05-14
Technical Service Engineer - Structure HKA/COM/0504_TSEST 2015-05-05
Technical Service Engineer - System HKA/COM/0504_TSES 2015-05-05
Post Reference No . Date
Executive, Cargo Sales, HK Office HKA/COM/0827_ECS 2015-05-14
Officer, Cargo Overseas Sales HKA/COM/0308_COSO 2015-02-11
Officer, Cargo Revenue Management HKA/COM/0827_CRMO 2015-04-27
Supervisor, Interline Business HKA/COM/0305_SIB 2015-04-27
Service Delivery
Post Reference No . Date
General Manager, In-Flight Service HKA/COM/0310_GMIF 2015-03-10
Officer, Cabin Crew Operations HKA/COM/0318_OCCO 2015-03-18
Officer, Ground Services HKA/COM/0915_OGS 2015-05-20
Officer, Planning & Design HKA/COM/0318_OPD 2015-03-18
Officer, Standard & Training HKA/COM/0318_OST 2015-03-18
Supervisor, Ground Services HKA/COM/0507_SGS 2015-05-07
Corporate Governance & Development
Post Reference No . Date
Assistant Manager, Internal Control HKA/COM/0310_AMIC 2015-03-10
Company Secretary HKA/COM/0331_NCS 2015-03-31
General Manager, Customer Relations and Service Surveillance HKA/COM/0217/GMCR 2015-02-17
Manager, Corporate Development HKA/COM/0305_CDM 2015-04-13
Ground Operations
Post Reference No . Date
Manager, IOCC HKA/COM/0414_IOCC 2015-04-14
Manager, QA HKA/COM/0114_QAM 2015-05-14
Officer, Crew Operations HKA/COM/0818_COO 2015-05-14
Flight Operations
Post Reference No . Date
A320 Direct Entry Captain (Non type-rated) HKA/COM/A320DECN 2015-03-03
A320 Direct Entry Captain (Type-rated) HKA/COM/A320DEC 2015-05-14
A320 Direct Entry First Officers (Non type-rated) HKA/COM/A320FON 2015-03-05
A320 Direct Entry First Officers (Type-rated) HKA/COM/320DEFO 2015-03-05
A330 Direct Entry Captain (Type-rated) HKA/COM/A330DEC 2015-05-14
A330 Direct Entry First Officers (Non typed-rated) HKA/COM/A330DEFON 2015-03-03
A330 Direct Entry First Officers (Type-rated) HKA/COM/A330DEFO 2015-03-05