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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement to join Fortune Wings Club?

A:  Membership is open to anyone over the age of 2 years (parental or legal guardian consent is required for persons under 18 years old). 


Q: What if I have forgotten my login password or my membership number?

A: If you have registered email address, please retrieve your password by clicking Forget Password or your membership number by clicking Forget Card at Fortune Wings Club website. If not, please contact us for assistance.


Q: When is the expiry date of my points?  

A: Your points will be expired in 24 months from the date of transaction.  If you don’t have any transactions in 24 months, your points will be expired and forfeited.  Forfeited points cannot be renewed but your account will be maintained.  If there are any transactions within validity period, all of your points will be expired in 24 months from the NEW transaction date.


Q: Where can I find my Points transaction, balance or expiry date?

A: Simply log in at HKA website and view details of your account balance and latest transaction. 


Q:Can I receive Fortune Wings Points for travel or transactions completed before my enrollment with Fortune Wings Club?

A: No, you can only receive Fortune Wings Points for eligible fare class or qualifying transactions completed after your date of enrollment with Fortune Wings Club.  



Q:How can I redeem flight award for my families or friends?

A: You can add up to 10 nominees to enjoy the flight award. Please reserve 30 days for application processing. Please login to your account for updates.  Once effective, you can redeem flight awards for your families or friends.  


Q:I have sufficient points but why I cannot redeem award tickets online?

A: If you have sufficient points but not yet set your redemption password, please login to Fortune Wings Club website for password change.


For more details on Fortune Wings Club, please refer to the FAQ.


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