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Business Class Inflight Meals


To provide our passengers with a flying journey with delightful experience, Hong Kong Airlines had made a great effort to prepare delicious Chinese and Western dishes for their enjoyment. Each of the delicacies are elaborately designed to bring joyfulness and happiness to all passengers. 


Premium Ingredients 

Hong Kong Airlines selects fresh food ingredients and materials from all places in order to prepare meals with excellent quality for flights to different cities. Ingredients used are also changed seasonally according to the climate of the production regions so as to ensure that the meals are in their most appreciable quality at all time.


Culinary of Profession

Quality and taste of all inflight meals, which are prepared by local and foreign professional teams, are up to international standards. Multiple quality control, auditing and modifications are applied in order to make sure each single meal is in compliance with all requirements. 


Diversity of Choices

To cater the needs of local and international passengers, Hong Kong Airlines had designed menus of different kinds of flavours. Meal choices and combinations are changed and updated periodically. For some specific flying routes, special local cuisines are provided to meet demands of new and freshly taste. 


Very Local, very Hong Kong

Being an Hong Kong-based airline, Hong Kong Airlines provides inflight meals that reflects Hong Kong culture and spirit. Other than fusion of Chinese and Western gourmet dishes, popular food and beverage such as Hong Kong-styled milk tea, yuan yang and Chinese Dim-sum would also give our passengers a taste of Hong Kong.


Food showing in the photo is for reference only.