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Code Name of Meal Description
AVML Indian Vegetarian Meal No meat but may contain dairy products; cooked Indian-style.
BBML Baby Meal One junior savoury dish and one junior dessert.
BLML Bland Meal Mainly sieved and soupy items (e.g. milk, sieved porridge, sieved thickened soup or clear soup.)
CHML Child Meal Less substantial than adult meal, easy to bite and chew
DBML Diabetic Meal Complex carbohydrates with no added sugar; limited salt.
FPML Fruit Platter Meal Fruits only (fresh fruits and fruit compote).
GFML Gluten Intolerant Meal No wheat, rye, barley, oats and bran in any form.
HNML Hindu Meal Prepared to Hindu customs, contains meat except beef, veal, pork, smoked and raw fish. Cooked spicy or curried.
KSML Kosher Meal Pre-packed and sealed; contains meat.
LCML Low Calorie Meal Limited fats, sauces, gravies and fried items; limited sugar-rich items.
LFML Low Cholesterol Meal No red meat, prawns, poultry skin and fried food; no butter, cream, and whole milk cheese; only lean meat and poly-unsaturated fatty liquid vegetable oils allowed.
LSML Low Salt Meal Naturally salted and sodium-added processed foods (e.g. baking powder, soda, MSG) are either eliminated or restricted in amount. No salt added during preparation.
MOML Moslem Meal No alcohol, pork, pig by-products, ham and bacon.
NLML Low Lactose Meal Meal excludes diary products (milk, dry milk solids, casein, cheese, cream, butter, lactose and margarine).
RVML Vegetarian Raw Meal Only raw fruits and vegetables
SPML No-Beef Meal No Beef, veal or related products
VGML Vegetarian Vegan Meal No meat of any sort; no dairy products; cooked Western-style.
VJML Strict Indian Vegetarian No meat of any sort; no onion, garlic, ginger and root vegetables; cooked Indian-style.
VLML Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal No meat of any sort; can contain dairy products and eggs; cooked Western-style.
VOML Vegetarian Oriental Meal No meat, seafood, egg; no dairy products, cooked Chinese-style.

Depending on seasonality and availability, as well as flight and duration, different selections of special meal will be on offer .
Special meal orders should be made at least 24 hours before schedule flight. Please contact with reservation office for your orders.