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When traveling, it is worth taking extra measures to secure your baggage and valuables. Please refer to a few pointers below:

  1. 1. Hand-carry fragile or perishable items.

  2. 2. Hand-carry items of value, such as keys, artwork, cameras, money, jewelry, precious metals, silverware, medicines, drug, dangerous goods, commercial goods or samples, personal electronic devices and odd-sized articles, etc.

  3. 3. Hand-carry important documents, such as negotiable papers, securities, business documents, passports and other identification documents, etc.

  4. 4. Use good quality baggage that lasts longer and can withstand fair wear and tear resulting from the normal rigor of transportation by air and by baggage handling systems.

  5. 5. Pack your baggage properly and securely in suitable containers such as musical instruments in sturdy hard case, bicycles in strong and protective case, liquids and gels in plastic bags or water proof containers etc.

  6. 6. Do not over pack and overweigh your baggage.

  7. 7. Attach name tag(s) or card on the outside and inside of your baggage.

  8. 8. Attach unique stickers, tape, or labels on your baggage to ease identification and avoid collection errors on arrival.

  9. 9. Remove old destination tag.

  10. 10. Ensure your baggage does not contain any dangerous goods. Please refer to our prohibited items for more information.

  11. 11. Ensure your baggage is securely closed and locked where possible.

  12. 12. Remove straps and protruding objects from your baggage before checking it in.


Passengers are entitled to a free baggage allowance which varies on class or travel. Excess baggage charge will be based on weight and piece system. 



Please be advised that checked baggage policy with ticket issue on/after 30Jun2017 revised as below.


Free Checked Baggage Allowance


For all routes operated by Hong Kong Airlines:


Passenger type

Allowance (Per KG)

Economy compartment

Business compartment

Except Southwest Pacific*


Adult/Child/Infant occupying seat



Infant without seat



  1. 1. Between Hong Kong and Saipan/Maldives/Canada/USA/Southwest Pacific* 

  2.  2. Between Area 3 and Saipan/Maldives/Canada/USA/Southwest  Pacific*VIA Hong Kong

  3. 3. Within Southwest Pacific*

Adult/Child/Infant occupying seat

2 pieces1

2 pieces2

Infant without seat



Southwest Pacific* - Australia and New Zealand

1 Weight: Up to 50LB/(23KG) per piece ; Size: Up to 62IN/(158CM), Width+ Depth + Height = Up to 158cm

2 Weight: Up to 70LB/(32KG) per piece ; Size: Up to 62IN/(158CM), Width+ Depth + Height = Up to 158cm


Extra Checked Baggage Allowance for Fortune Wings Club member
 For all routes operated by Hong Kong Airlines:


Membership Tier

Extra Allowance (Per KG)

Economy compartment

Business compartment

Saipan, Canada, USA, Maldives, Australia & New Zealand route


1 piece2

1 piece2


1 piece1

1 piece1

Rest of the routes







1 Weight: Up to 50LB/(23KG) per piece ; Size: Up to 62IN/(158CM), Width+ Depth + Height = Up to 158cm

2 Weight: Up to 70LB/(32KG) per piece ; Size: Up to 62IN/(158CM), Width+ Depth + Height = Up to 158cm


  1. 1. The maximum weight and dimensions of any single piece of checked baggage should not be over 32kg (70lbs) and 158cm/62inches(Length + Width + Height) respectively. Overweight and oversize items (Exception: mobility aids, medical equipment, sporting equipment) must be repacked or split into lighter units otherwise will not be accepted for carriage.

  2. 2. Oversized and overweight items will only be accepted subject to the available space on board on the day of departure.

  3. 3. An excess baggage charge will be levied on any baggage that exceeds the free checked baggage allowance at the airport. For excess baggage rates, please contact our Call Center.

  4. 4. Infant refers to a passenger under 2 years old.



Partly Business class and partly Economy class travel


For through journeys where the passenger travels partly on business class and partly on economy class, the free baggage allowance for each portion of travel shall be granted according to each purchased ticket class.

Where a passenger who has paid the business class fare travels on Economy class, the free baggage allowance shall be given based on that for the Business class service respectively.



Extra Baggage Charges


For all routes (except Saipan, Maldives, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand) operated by Hong Kong Airlines:

Charge for baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance is calculated per kilogram (2.2 lbs.) on Zone basis as listed below.

 Zone 1

Hong Kong ,China ,Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia,Cambodia and Malaysia

Cambodia and Malaysia

Zone 2

Japan and Korea


Per KG

To Zone 1

To Zone 2

From Zone 1



From Zone 2



1 Or equivalent amount in local currency calculated by IATA IROE (follow the corresponding rounding unit requirement.)

Note :

Oversized baggage : USD100/piece for a baggage >158cm/62inches (in total Dimension) 

Baggage with excessive size and weight : accumulating charging

No restriction on the number of pieces


For Saipan, Maldives, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand route operated by Hong Kong Airlines:

Extra Baggage Charge

Excessive weight

USD 150 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG) and ≤ 70LB/(32KG)


USD 200 for a baggage > 62IN/(158CM) and ≤ 80IN/(203CM)

Excessive weight and oversized

USD 250 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG) and ≤ 70LB/(32KG) & > 62IN/(158CM) and ≤ 80IN/(203CM)

Over piece:

USD 300 for a baggage up to 50LB/(23KG) and 62IN/(158CM)


USD 400 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG) and ≤ 70LB/(32KG) &  62IN/(158CM)


USD 500 for a baggage > 50LB/(23KG)  and ≤ 70LB/(32KG) & > 62IN/(158CM) and ≤ 80IN/(203CM)



For Sporting Equipment, Pets, Mobility Aids



Sporting Equipment

Sporting Equipment is subject to the applicable standard excess baggage charges if in excess of your standard free baggage allowance.


Free Bicycle Baggage Allowance


  1. 1.  Free bicycle baggage allowance is applicable to passengers who travel to and/or from  Australia (Gold Coast/Cairns), New Zealand (Auckland), Taiwan (Taipei), Japan (Okinawa, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Okayama, Tokyo (NRT), Osaka (KIX), Sapporo, Yonago), Hainan (Haikou, Sanya). Each passenger is allowed to enjoy the allowance for one (1) bicycle weight not more than 25KG only;

  2. 2. Please contact Call Center for bicycle baggage allowance application at least 48 hrs in advance before departure;

  3. 3. Passengers should provide the weight and dimensions of the bicycle clearly for application;

  4. 4. The checked bicycle should be well-packed prior to check-in;

  5. 5. If no advance reservation was made, passengers¡¯ bicycle will be treated as standby baggage;

  6. 6. In case of any disputes, the decision of Hong Kong Airlines shall be final.

  7. 7. No compensation will be given to passengers whose bicycle is offloaded due to cargo capacity issue.

  8. 8. The promotion is valid from January 1, 2017 until December 31, 2017, the travel period must be finished on or before December 31, 2017.

  9. 9.     The promotion is valid for Hong Kong Airlines (HX) operation flight only and is not applicable for journeys connecting with other airlines.



Travelling with Pets


Flights depart from Hong Kong.

Except service dogs, Hong Kong Airlines accepts pet or animal of any description (domestic dogs and cats only) as checked baggage ** only, both are not permitted in our passenger cabin.

According to the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, passengers are not allowed to carry pets or animals of any description into passenger cabin (except assistant dogs). Passengers travelling with pets are responsible for providing all document required by local government officers (i.e. health certificate and travel permits for the pets).

Flights arrival at Hong Kong

Pets or animals intended to import to Hong Kong must be carry by manifested cargo. They are not allowed to be carried through checked or cabin baggage. For more details, please contact our Cargo Sales Offices.

For Hong Kong regulatory information regarding live animal transition, please refer to Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.


  We recommend you to check with the local government office for all documentation required (i.e. health certificates and travel permits) if you plan to fly with your pet.

 ** Free checked baggage allowance is not applicable to pets and animals. They are subjected to excess baggage charge.

 For import/export/transit regulations of a particular country, please refer to IATA Travel Centre (Choose your destination from the dropdown list under Customs, Currency& Airport information Section) and IATA Traveller's Pets Corner.


Preparations for Travelling With Your Pets

Please contact our local reservations office at least 7 days before departure to confirm the acceptance of your pet to your flight booked.


  Please provide the following information when making your reservation:

  1. 1.     Type of pet, e.g. dog, cat etc.

  2. 2.     Total weight of the pet and its container

  3. 3.     Dimension of the container

  4. 4.     Material and make of the pet container, e.g. solid fiberglass, rigid plastic or metal with strong weld metal mesh which has sufficient ventilation pores etc.

  5. 5.      Valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits and other documents required by Country of entry or transit (please check IATA Travel Centre under Customs, Currency & Airport information Section for reference)  


Mobility Aids

Mobility Aids like wheelchair that  are carried by the passenger can be accepted without charge as in addition to the baggage allowance.


Food item


Different countries have their local customs requirements for importing food items into the countries. You are advised to check with the relevant authorities of the country you are travelling to if you plan to carry food items in your cabin or checked baggage.



Fruit can be carried into the cabin as long as the hand-carry is within our cabin baggage limitation or carried as checked baggage. 

Durian and jackfruit are universally banned in aircraft cabin and not allowed in checked baggage.


Seafood, meat and frozen products

Seafood, meat and frozen products can only be carried as checked baggage. It¡¯s your responsibility to make sure you comply with any quarantine restrictions and take relevant liability if you¡¯re transporting seafood, meat or frozen products as checked baggage.

You must pack any seafood, meat and frozen products according to the following requirements:

  1. 1. Seafood, meat and frozen products must be completely frozen and keep in a container that will keep the products frozen;

  2. 2. All seafood, meat and frozen products must be sealed and double wrapped in plastic to prevent any possible leaking during the flight.



Hair Curlers Restrictions in Japan


Hair Curlers / Curling Ions



According to the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, there is a new restriction on the carriage of hair curlers or curling ions.


If the lithium ion batteries are removed from the body, the carriage is permitted as carry-on or checked baggage. The removed batteries from the body and the spare batteries can be carried in a carry-on baggage only given that the lithium ion battery shall never exceed 160Wh. Otherwise, they are not allowed to be carried by air transportation.


However, for socket type curlers, battery-powered (excluding powered by lithium battery) are not categorized into dangerous goods and there is no restriction on the carriage of these devices. For gas type curlers, carriage is allowed given that the safety cover must securely fitted over the heating part as they contain a hydrocarbon gas.




For Baggage Allowance and Extra Baggage Charges for Codeshare flight


When travelling on a codeshare flight operated by our codeshare partner, the operating carrier's baggage policy applies. For details, please visit the operating carrier's website



For Baggage Allowance and Extra Baggage Charges for multi-sector journey involving various airlines


For interline connection involving two or more airlines, the Most Significant Carrier (MSC) i.e. the carrier providing the long haul journey or longest mileage will dominate the free checked baggage allowance for the entire journey.

When stopover(s) is /are made, the free checked baggage allowance of individual carriers will apply for their respective sectors.


Please check here to view more information about flights operated by our partners.


All interpretation of this notice is based on the English version.