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Online Check in

You may check in on the Internet prior to arriving at the airport to save time and hassle. Enjoy this service if you fulfill the following requirements.*

Online Check-in
Name   (please input the name in English as it appears on your e-ticket. Eg. CHAN/TAIMAN)
Ticket No.(e.g., 851xxxxxxxxxx )
Eligible airports
Mainland China
  • Beijing (PEK)
  • Shanghai Hongqiao(SHA)
  • Shanghai Pudong(PVG)
  • Hangzhou(HGH)
  • Chongqing(CKG)
  • Chengdu(CTU)
  • Fuzhou(FOC)
  • Haikou(HAK)
  • Guiyang(KWE)
  • Sanya(SYX)
  • Nanchang(KHN)
  • Nanjing(NKG)
  • Nanning(NNG)
  • Tianjin(TSN)
  • International
  • Hong Kong (HKG)
  • Taipei (TPE)
  • Bangkok (BKK)
  • Denpasar (DPS)
  • Okinawa(OKA)
  • Sapporo(CTS)
  • Hanoi(HAN)
  • Miyazaki(KMI)
  • Kagoshima(KOJ)
  • Tokyo(NRT)
  • Osaka(KIX)
  • Okayama(OKJ)
  • Phnom Penh(PNH)
  • Yonago(YGJ)
  • Auckland(AKL)
  • Seoul(ICN)
  • Vancouver(YVR)
  • Ho Chi Minh City(SGN)
  • Saipan/ MP/ US (SPN)

    Online Check-in enables you to:
    • -    Available from 48 to 1.5 hours before your flight’s departure(Online Check-in for Saipan is available from 24 to 1.5 hours before flight departure.)
    • -    Confirm your presence (maximum 5 passengers with the same itinerary)
    • -    Select your seats
    • -    Print your boarding pass at self-service counter/ Mobile phone boarding pass (only available for travel from Hong Kong or Taiwan origin)
    • -    Collect your boarding pass at Hong Kong Airlines airport self-service check-in kiosks
    • -    Check in your baggage at airport online check-in baggage drop-off counter
    • -    Cancel check-in for yourself and other passengers concerned

    Notice: Online check-in and seat selection for accompanied passengers are only applicable to Hong Kong Airlines website online check-in

    • ·You are still required to check in and print your boarding pass for your flight.
    • ·Please be reminded that you must check in at least one hour prior flight departure, or your reserved seats will be released*.
    • ·You can check in via Hong Kong Airlines’ website / mobile apps (48 to 1.5 hours prior to the flight departure) or at the airport check in counter / Self Check-In Kiosks (60 minutes prior to the flight departure).
    *Prepaid Extra Legroom Seat (Value-add Services) / Fortune Wings Club – Platinum and Gold card member not be affected.
    *Online Check-in for Saipan is available from 24 to 1.5 hours before flight departure.
    Online Check-in procedures:
    1. 1. Input passenger’s name ,ticket number and departure airport
    2. 2. Select the flight
    3. 3. Confirm the <Notices of Online Check-in>
    4. 4. Input the details of your travel documents
    5. 5. Select your seat
    6. 6. Confirm you Check-in
    7. 7. Self-print the boarding pass or get the mobile boarding pass
    8. If you are eligible for lounge access, you are welcome to visit our VIP lounge with your boarding pass or mobile boarding pass presented at our VIP lounge reception desk, and enjoy the extra leisure.
    The following passengers arenot applicablefor Online Check-in
    1. a. Those requiring wheelchair or medical assistance
    2. b. Unaccompanied Minors, passenger travels with baby and family passengers
    3. c. Passenger with I class or E class
    4. d. Non-HX operated flight
    5. e. Those are specified by Hong Kong Airlines not available for online check-in
    Friendly Reminder:


    A.Passengers who have completed online check-in for Hong Kong Airlines flights can pass through the security checkpoint directly with self-printed boarding pass when departure from below airports:
  • Hong Kong (HKG)*
  • Taipei (TPE)*
  • Beijing (PEK)
  • Shanghai Pudong (PVG)
  • Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA)
  • Bangkok(BKK)
  • Kansai (KIX)*
  • Sapporo (CTS)*
  • Vancouver (YVR)*
  • Auckland (AKL)*
  • Seoul (ICN)*
  • Tokyo(NRT)*
  • Okinawa (OKA)*
  • Phnom Penh (PNH)
  • * Your self-printed boarding pass and mobile boarding pass(QR Code) will be ONLY accepted at these stations.
    * Online check-in service is not available for Hong Kong to involved Australia .
    Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport earlier to allow sufficient time for check-in procedures.
    B.Passengers who have completed online check-in for Hong Kong Airlines flights must approach Hong Kong Airlines check-in counters for the exchange of self-printed boarding pass or QR Code received on mobile phones into paper boarding before entering the security area when departure from below airports: 
  • Hangzhou(HGH)
  • Hanoi (HAN)
  • Bali, Denpasar(DPS)
  • Miyazaki(KMI)
  • Kagoshima(KOJ)
  • Chongqing(CKG)
  • Chengdu(CTU)
  • Fuzhou(FOC)
  • Haikou(HAK)
  • Guiyang(KWE)
  • Sanya(SYX)
  • Okayama(OKJ)
  • Yonago(YGJ)
  • Nanchang(KHN)
  • Nanjing(NKG)
  • Nanning(NNG)
  • Tianjin(TSN)
  • Ho Chi Minh City(SGN)
  • C.After online check-in of the following cities, passengers are required to go to the Hong Kong Airlines airport check-in counter to collect your boarding pass and complete airport security measures before flight departure.
  • Saipan/ MP/ US (SPN)
  • * Not applicable to interline tickets
    Our Check-in Counter at Airports
    Please keep your passport details on hand as certain countries require you to input your passport and emergency contact details.
    Thanks for your cooperation!