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100 Days ELITE Challenge

Date: 2019-01-01

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Being an elite member of Fortune Wings Club, you can enjoy bonus award points, extra baggage allowance, priority check-in and boarding, free access to Hong Kong Airlines lounges and many more privileges.

If you currently hold an elite status on any other airline or airline alliance, or with a platinum or higher tier credit card status with bank, we invite you to join the 100 Days ELITE Challenge to win Fortune Wings Club elite status.

Please click here for the Status Qualifying Segments/Status Qualifying Points earning standard on Hong Kong Airlines flights.



【Application Procedure】

Please send the below information, together with a scanned copy of your valid elite membership card or current statement of other airline/airline alliance or credit card to on or before 31 December 2019.

1. Fortune Wings Club membership number
2. Full name
3. Current tier of Fortune Wings Club (Standard, Select or Silver)
4. Other airline/airline alliance/credit card name
5. Membership tier on other airlines/bank
6. Challenge tier of Fortune Wings Club (Silver/Gold)
7. If you fail the challenge for Gold tier, but are qualified for Silver tier, are you willing to be upgraded to Silver tier (YES/NO)
8. Application date
9. Challenge start date

【Terms and Conditions】

1.  Members who apply for this Challenge must hold an elite membership tier (silver or higher) on other airline/airline alliance or hold a credit card with platinum or higher tier.

2.  Members cannot start the challenge before the date of application, and the application cannot be cancelled or modified. Members can only apply for a challenge again after the challenge period.

3.  Members who participated in the 2017 and 2018 Challenges and successfully upgraded to elite tier cannot participate in the Challenge this year. Members who successfully upgrade in this Challenge cannot participate in it again within two years.

4.  Members challenging for Gold Cards shall confirm at the time of application whether, in the event that their challenge for a Gold Card fails, they wish to upgrade to a Silver Card. If their challenge for a Gold Card has failed but they meet the criteria for a Silver Card, if they agree, they may be upgraded to Silver Card at the end of the Challenge period. A member whose challenge is deemed to have failed by default, however, may apply to challenge again.

5.  Members who are currently holding elite membership cards of Fortune Wings Club are not allowed to challenge the same elite tier of their membership.

6.  A member whose challenge meets the criteria for a deferred upgrade shall enjoy the corresponding rights and benefits from the time at which they achieve that upgrade and their membership at the previous level shall be annulled.

7.  The period of validity of membership cards of participating Gold and Silver Card holders shall run from the date of the upgrade to the following month of the following year. VIP status shall be extended if, during the period of validity of the VIP membership card, it would otherwise be maintained.

8.  Unlike regular VIP members, Challenge upgrade VIP members shall not enjoy free cabin upgrade rewards contributing to membership status upgrade or maintenance or the rights and benefits of point overdrafts.

9.  Please remember to check your membership account balance after taking flights. If you find any flights you have taken but not credited in your account, please submit your missing claim within 180-day claim period. The system will treat records of flights in your account that have been checked and approved as the basis for evaluation.

10. A member who also satisfies the standards for a regular upgrade shall be upgraded in accordance with that higher status and enjoy the corresponding level of VIP services, rights and benefits.

11. The bonus of qualifying for Select Card status (1,500 SQPs & 1 SQS) are not applicable for this promotion.

12. For the full terms and condition of this Challenge, please refer to Fortune Wings Club website.