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How Flexi Refund works?

1. Choose your flights on Hong Kong Airlines website.

2. This function will be applicable on eligible flights.

3. If your itinerary is eligible for Flexi Refund, a “Flexi Refund” button will appear at the bottom of the fare family section. 

4. Follow the booking by filling out the all necessary information to complete your booking.

5. Flexi Refund Fee: Zone A: HKD 128, Zone B: HKD 225, Zone C: HKD 450*

6. The Flexi Refund fee is charged per passenger. The fee varies according to the number of passengers in your booking.

* Flexi Refund Fee will not be refunded to the passenger once your purchase this service

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use it at other channels? 

This function is only applicable to Hong Kong Airlines official website.


2. Does “Flexi Refund” apply to all online offers?

No. " Flexi Refund " only applies to certain types of offers and promotions.


3. Will the " Flexi Refund " fee be added to the price of the tickets?

No, it will not be included to the ticket fare price.


4. What if I cannot travel as planned?

Deadline of full refund application will be shown in the Flexi Refund section, please be aware of the date and time. You can enjoy full ticket refund if you submit your application BEFORE the designated date, once you submit your application later than the displayed date, Hong Kong Airlines will handle your refund case according to the fare rules with your reservation booking class.


5. How do I get assistance if I have problems with " Flexi Refund "? You can contact your local Call Center office or email

6. Can I apply for ticket refund? Simply go to Hong Kong Airlines website for refund application (Plan & Book→Trip Management→Refund Application) or via the following link Refund Application to apply for refund


7. When can I apply for full ticket refund?

Depends on the routing, you can enjoy full ticket refund under general circumstances. Once you pass the deadline for full refund, Hong Kong Airlines will process your refund application according to your reservation booking class.

8. Can I get the “Flexi Refund” charge back? 

No. In general circumstances, passenger will not get the Flexi Refund charge back.

9. Can I get the Ancillary Services (e.g Extra Baggage, Extra Legroom Seats) charge back?

No. Only ticket fare will be refunded to the passenger if the ticket is within the full refund period.

10. Is "Flexi Refund" applicable to multi sectors?

No, it is only applicable to One Way or Round Trip.

Terms and Conditions

1.By purchasing Flexi Refund service(“Service”), passenger shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, and agreed that the purchase to be carried out in Hong Kong only.


2. The sale period of the Service is from 31st August 2018  (Hong Kong time) via Hong Kong Airlines official website:


3. The Service is only available for one-way and/or round-trip and/or multi-sectors economy and business class (if applicable) tickets for flights to any of Zone A routes (as defined below in Clause 4) or Zone B (as defined below in Clause 5) and Zone C (as defined in Clause 6).


4. Zone A flights refers to the following routes:-

[Seoul (ICN), Hanoi(HAN), Ho Chi Minh City(SGN), Bali(DPS), Bangkok(BKK),Chongqing(CKG), Chengdu(CTU), Fuzhou(FOC), Haikou(HAK), Guiyang(KWE), Nanjing(NKG), Beijing(PEK), Shanghai Pudong(PVG), Shanghai Hongqiao(SHA), Sanya(SYX), Tian Jin(TSN), Taipei(TPE),  Hangzhou(HGH), Saipan(SPN) and Maldives(MLE)]


5. Zone B flights refers to the following routes:-

[Osaka(KIX), Tokyo(NRT), Sapporo(CTS), Yonago(YGJ), Okinawa(OKA), Kagoshima(KOJ), Okayama(OKJ)] 

6. Zone C flights refers to the following routes:-

[San Francisco(SFO), Los Angeles(LAX),  Vancouver(YVR)] 


7. Ticket purchased in Zone A, B and C with the Service can apply for a full refund on the ticket fare 30 days (or more) prior to scheduled departure time via: Refund Application Normal fare rules apply thereafter. The Service fee is non-refundable.


8. Air tickets with the Service purchased via the official website of Hong Kong Airlines 7 days or more prior to the flight scheduled departure time involving itineraries to/from the United States of America can apply for a full refund of the whole itineraries including this Service fee within 24 hours of reservation. 


9. The Service fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.


10. The price of the Service is subject to currency fluctuation.

11. The Service is applicable for flights marketed and operated by Hong Kong Airlines only. Not available for special flights, chartered flights or code-share flights.


12.No-show fee, re-booking fee and refund fee of the air tickets are subject to fare rules as applicable to each origin/destination.


13. Purchase is not completed or accepted by Hong Kong Airlines until payment has been received.


14. Hong Kong Airlines will not be liable for any matter or loss in relation to any error or omission due to technical problems including but not limited to any computer or internet network issues.


15. The price of the Service only applies to adult tickets and child tickets purchased via Hong Kong Airlines official website.(adult price also applies to those aged 2 or above and below 12).


16. Passengers are advised to check with the latest Outbound Travel Alert before planning their trip.


17. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions shall confer any third party rights or benefits.


18. Air ticket with the Service is subject to the General Conditions of Carriage published by Hong Kong Airlines (subject to change from time to time) and is available on Hong Kong Airlines’ website.


19. Hong Kong Airlines reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.


20. In the event of any dispute regarding any of the Terms and Conditions, the decision of Hong Kong Airlines shall be final.


21. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English and Chinese versions of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.


22. The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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