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How to reserve Airport/In-flight service?

  1. 1. Extra Legroom Seat
  2. 2. Upgrade to Business Class
  3. 3. VIP Lounge
  4. 4. Priority luggage
  5. 5. Special Meals
  6. 6. Cancelling Reservation
  7. 7. Special Service Request For Disability Passengers (For U.S Route)


  1. 1.  Extra Legroom Seat In order to cater to the customers' needs for comfortable seating, Hong Kong Airlines now provides Extra-Legroom Seat booking service, which allows our customers to enjoy a more spacious private area. Customers now only need to pay HKD220( RMB180) in order to enjoy this value-added service.

    Customers now only need to pay $260(Original Price $300) Or simply redeem with Fortune Wings Club miles in order to enjoy this value-added service.

    Details can be viewed in the following website:

    Customers who are interested can approach the check-in counters of Hong Kong Airlines in airports, or call our booking service hotline: Hong Kong SAR (852) 3916 3666 / Mainland China 950715 to reserve the Extra Legroom Seat.


  3. 2. Upgrade to Business Class
    Business Class provides numerous privileged service, including extra baggage allowance, VIP Lounge etc.
    Details can be viewed in following website:


    3. VIP Lounge
    VIP Lounges are located in Hong Kong International Airport etc.

    Service provided can be referred to VIP Lounge in Hong Kong International Airport:

    VIP Lounge provides free service for :

    • - Business Class passenger travelling on Hong Kong Airlines
    • -  Fortune Wings Club Gold and Silver members travelling on Hong Kong Airlines Gold member


  6. 4. Priority Luggage
    Priority Luggage service is only limited to Business Class passengers. Details can be viewed in the following website:


    5. Special Meal Request
    If you have special dietary requirements, we offer a wide selection of special meals to meet your needs.

    Types of Special Meals can be viewed in the following website:

    Special meals are available to:

    • 1. All Business Class passengers
    • 2. Economy Class passengers who travel between Hong Kong and all destinations, except Haikou, Nanning, Sanya 

      Please place your order for special meals at least 24 hours before flight departure, through our office hotline: 3916 3666 or your local travel agents.


  8. 6. Cancelling Reservations

    Notwithstanding the booking terms, conditions and/or fare rules, tickets purchased 7 days or earlier before scheduled departure time from the official website or via mobile application (such services will be available later) of Hong Kong Airlines involving itineraries to/from the U.S. can be fully refunded within 24 hours after purchase in accordance with the refund process set out at the Refund Policy.


  10. 7. Special Service Request For Disability Passengers (For U.S Route)

    • 1. If you are requesting assistance for passengers with disabilities, please call us at +1 8553933880   (Toll-free,  within the US) .

    • 2. For customers with hearing or speech disabilities, please dial 711  and request the operator to contact us at the above toll free number.