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Refund application
To help us provide you with a better refund service you request, please let us know whether your travel plan has been affected. You can apply for waiver of refund charges under the「Special Ticketing Arrangements」 with the following situations.

1). Within 2 days before departure, flight delayed for more than 4 hours from scheduled departure time, or cancelled.

2). At more than 2 days from departure, flight delayed for more than 2 hours from scheduled departure time, or cancelled.

If your ticket does not fall into the above conditions, please apply for the Voluntary Refund Application.

Notes on refund application for unused tickets:
1. Please ensure that your ticket is still "OPEN FOR USE" and is still within its validity when you make the refund application, otherwise we may not be able to process your refund request
2. Withdrawal will not be accepted once the application had been submitted..
3. Our refund automation system is not able to handle refund applications for the following situations:
a. For partially used ticket, please email to for assistance;
b. Ticket which had been purchased through our mobile apps and we-chat;
c. Ticket with party of 2 which contains one adult and one child, for safety rules and regulation, child under 12 years old is not allow to travel alone on Hong Kong Airlines flight . If you hold any of these kinds of ticket and would like to apply for refund, please email to for assistance.
4. Online Refund system will only able to support the tickets that issued through our Official Website including Qunar, Taobao and Flight Manager.
a. For tickets issued through Hong Kong Airlines mobile APP, mobile site, and WeChat, please apply ticket refund on mobile APP (version 3.2 or above) or mobile site (
b. For tickets issued through our call center, please contact our call center a
c. For tickets issued through travel agency, please contact your travel agency.
d. For cancelling reservation, please kindly refer to the Refund Policy for details.