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Hong Kong Airlines Celebrates Arrival of First A350 Aircraft and Opening of New VIP Lounge “Club Autus” Flying Full Speed Ahead Towards International

Date: 2017-09-01

Hong Kong Airlines (hereinafter referred to as “HKA” or “the Company”), an internationally renowned full-service carrier, is proud to announce the arrival of its first A350 aircraft, as well as the opening of its brand new VIP lounge, “Club Autus”, at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) today. The expansion of its fleet and enhancement of quality customer services mark new milestones as the Company continues to fly full speed ahead towards international expansion.


The celebration of this momentous occasion kicked off with an opening ceremony officiated by Mr. Zhang Kui, Co-Chairman of HKA, alongside representatives from the Transport and Housing Bureau, Civil Aviation Department and Hong Kong Airport Authority.

(Photo Left) Guests make a toast on stage during the opening ceremony to celebrate the occasion.         

(Photo Right) HKA welcomes the arrival of its first A350 to Hong Kong with a water cannon in the Midfield Concourse.v               

In his opening remarks, Mr Zhang, said: “Since its establishment in 2006, HKA has been advancing side by side with the people of Hong Kong. With our business continuing to grow, we have reached a turning point which is steering us towards the goal of becoming a global carrier. The two monumental milestones we are unveiling today will carry us towards the Company’s vision of international expansion. The addition of the new A350 aircraft to our fleet will strengthen the connection between travelers and major international destinations, further enhancing Hong Kong’s position as an international aviation hub. Meanwhile, our new VIP lounge will enable business travelers from around the world to experience the warm hospitality that Hong Kong has to offer. Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing our efforts to fly higher and further, as well as to promote the HKA service around the world.”


Arrival of A350 Aircraft to Accelerate International Expansion

HX350, the first ever A350 flight to be operated by HKA, landed at HKIA at 3:50 p.m. in the presence of the officiating guests. A water cannon ceremony followed to celebrate the expansion of the Company’s fleet, as well as its route network from regional to international. With more A350s scheduled to be delivered to Hong Kong in the future, the Company will capitalize on the plane’s long-range capability and Hong Kong’s geographical advantages to accelerate its international expansion. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing routes to North America and major European cities, while direct flights which are not yet available will also be explored to cater to the needs of travelers from Hong Kong and Southern China.

HKA introduces 21 A350 aircraft into its fleet, with the first one entering into operation on 10 September for Bangkok service. It will then be operated on flights to other regional destinations including Taipei and Shanghai, before its assignment to the newly opened Hong Kong-Los Angeles route on 18 December. As more A350s gradually enter into service, the Company plans to open routes to San Francisco, New York, London, and other European and American destinations next year. The expansion is set to create more employment opportunities, and the airline looks forward to recruiting experienced pilots and cabin crew to support its continual growth.

The all-new HKA A350 has a wide-body cabin with 334 seats (Business Class: 33; Economy Comfort: 108; and Economy Class: 193). The newly designed seats provide travelers with more space in terms of width, pitch, as well as recline. The flat-bed seats in Business Class have a width of 23” and are completely horizontal when fully reclined. This, together with specially designed smooth and soft bedding, will ensure that passengers can enjoy the highest quality of sleep in the air.

All seats in the cabin are equipped with the latest high-definition TV screens which offer a variety of entertainment and information, such as movies, television, news, and music. Each seat also has a power outlet and USB port fitted to the side for maximum convenience. Moreover, the provision of onboard Wi-Fi services will enable passengers to browse the internet and access social media platforms, so that they can stay connected to the outside world during their long-distance journeys.


Enhanced Business Class Travel Experience with “Club Autus”

Following the opening of the airport VIP lounge “Club Bauhinia” in 2014, HKA has taken premium customer services to the next level by investing HK$35 million in the construction of “Club Autus”, a brand new VIP lounge located on the seventh floor of the Midfield Concourse at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). This project reflects the Company’s commitment to elevating its Business Class services to meet the demands of business travelers, the number of which has been growing continuously in recent years. HKA believes that the opening of the new VIP lounge, together with its other enhanced Business Class facilities, will greatly strengthen the Company’s brand positioning, making it an airline with one of the fastest growth rates in Business Class travel.

(Photo Left) Mr Chan Fan, Secretary of THB officiated the opening of “Club Autus”            

(Photo Right) Guests receiving a tour of “Club Autus”, HKA’s new VIP lounge at HKIA   .


“Autus” means “growth” and “enlargement” in Latin, which parallels the rapid development of HKA. The Company commissioned Packy Lai, a young calligrapher known by the alias, “The Inkless”, to write the name plaque for the lounge using a traditional art form that embodies Hong Kong’s unique culture.


Renowned Hong Kong designer, Phill Cheng, was tasked with the creation of “Club Autus” in order to showcase the local culture which is at the core of the Company to the rest of the world. His design concept echoes the theme of “growth” inherent in the lounge’s name, be it in terms of material selection, decorations, and even food choices. In addition, “Club Autus” also puts emphasis on local nostalgia. Elements from popular films, music, and culture have been fused into the design to resonate with HKA’s slogan, “Where Hong Kong Begins”. “Club Autus” blends green architecture with modernity and style, putting natural materials such as soil, flora, and flowing water to decorative use. Meanwhile, the meticulous use of indoor plants, timber, and polished concrete injects the tranquility of nature into an urban space. Each and every aspect is seemingly derived from nature itself, so as to generate a comfortable, homey atmosphere which enables travelers to relax the body and mind.


Business Zone Resting Area

Food Line


“Club Autus” is equipped with comprehensive facilities, and is divided into sections such as the Premier Zone, Business Zone, Leisure Area, Family Zone, Personal Care Zone, and Scenery Zone, all of which cater to customer needs. There is a shower room in each of the VIP Rooms for First Class passengers to refresh themselves after a tiring journey. Visitors can also take in panoramic views of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which is currently under construction, as well as the airport apron, through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Scenery Zone. These magnificent vistas are sure to leave travelers with a memorable impression of Hong Kong’s beauty. Furthermore, the international award-winning foldable 3D virtual mobile theater by Royole Moon™ is also available at “Club Autus”. It is designed with a scalable 800 curved screen, which is the world’s first foldable design, as well as high-fidelity noise-cancelling headphones. Visitors simply have to put on a headset to enjoy this brand new sensory experience which encompasses both 3D movies and video games.


Logo - Club Autus

Premier Zone Resting Area


The food and beverage services offered by “Club Autus” are equally alluring. Boasting a length of 20 meters, the food line is the longest of its kind in HKIA, and serves a variety of Chinese and Western dishes, as well as popular health foods. Furthermore, the Company has partnered with innovative local tea brand, jrink, to create a range of bespoke teas with distinctive themes. Travelers can also enjoy a selection of world renowned Hong Kong delicacies here. HKA Business Class passengers, as well as Gold and Silver members of the Fortune Wings Club, can access the premium services of the VIP lounge upon presentation of a valid HKA boarding pass for the same day of travel. Gold members are entitled to bring a companion into the lounge. “Club Autus” also extends its services to the First Class passengers of HKA’s airline partners, so that they, too, can enjoy this uniquely Hong Kong and environmentally friendly airport experience.


Onwards and Upwards

Based in Hong Kong with an international route network, HKA has won multiple accolades at the Skytrax Airline Awards, dubbed the “Oscars of the aviation industry”, since 2011. The Company was awarded the 4-star rating again in 2017, soaring to 24th place in global rankings. Moreover, it climbed to 2nd place in Skytrax’s “Best Regional Airline: Asia” category, becoming the best Hong Kong-based airline in this class. These exceptional results denote the major breakthroughs that HKA has made in terms of rapid business development.


With the continued expansion of its fleet, almost all of the Company’s flights now operate out of HKIA’s Midfield Concourse. Passengers can board and disembark directly using airbridges, improving the carrier’s On-Time Performance (OTP).


About Hong Kong Airlines

Established in 2006, Hong Kong Airlines is a full-service airline firmly rooted in Hong Kong. It has grown remarkably in just ten years with a wide destination network covering close to 40 major cities across the Asia Pacific region and North America, including Gold Coast, Auckland, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Sapporo, Seoul, Bangkok, Bali and Okinawa, and the newly launched Vancouver route in 2017. The Company has also signed agreements with 17 codeshare and 76 interline partners respectively. The current operating fleet is made up of 35 Airbus aircraft, consisting of 31 passenger aircraft and 4 freighters. With an average age of around 5.0 years, Hong Kong Airlines operates one of the youngest fleets in the world. Hong Kong Airlines has been awarded the internationally acclaimed four-star rating from Skytrax since 2011. It was also the winner for Asia’s Leading Inflight Service in World Travel Awards 2015.


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