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Advice for Passengers who are Peanuts /Nuts Allergy

Hong Kong Airlines always considers safety as our top priority, we acknowledge that some passengers may possibly show allergic reactions to peanuts/nuts or their by-products.  We understand that allergic reactions to peanuts/nuts or their by-products may have dire consequences.

Peanuts / nuts free special meal

We endeavour to provide special inflight meal that is allergens free.  Unfortunately, as peanuts/nuts products is widely used in all kinds of foods, such as peanut oil and seasonings.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee the absence of inadvertent meal contamination of peanuts/nuts products or their residue within the catering production by our supplier while preparing your meal.  Moreover, other passengers may carry or consume peanuts/nuts products on board, we therefore, still cannot guarantee completely peanuts/nuts-related allergens free in our inflight meals service.

Peanuts / nuts free cabin environment

In the meanwhile, peanut/nuts snacks are an integral part of the Hong Kong Airlines inflight meal service.  In-flight food and drink services may contain other types of peanuts/nuts ingredients as they might be contaminated in a facility where peanuts/nuts are also processed.

It is therefore probable that traces of peanuts/nuts particles or dust may be present in the seat, common areas, the aisle or even the air.  Under the uncontrollable circumstances where suspended particles related to allergy remain in air or the allergens adhered to objects, complete removal of these allergens is not guaranteed.


Passengers with peanuts/nuts allergies are advised to fully prepare the necessary medication for any situation that may potentially occur. If you have any concerns about your fitness to travel, we encourage you to share this information and discuss your travel plans with your doctor.