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Hong Kong Airlines offer wide range of selection on special meals to cater your special needs on medical, dietary, and religious condition , all you need to do is make a request from our list of special meals with our  reservation office , at least 24 hours before schedule flight. We will endeavour to arrangements for you.

Code Name of Meal Description
AVML Indian Vegetarian MealVegetarian diet in Indian-style, taste spicy and may contain dairy products.
DOES NOT contain meat.
BBML Baby MealCommercially prepared food main course, mashed vegetables, dessert or juice are supplied 
BLML Bland Meal Suitable for passenger with gastric disorders; It consists of low dietary fiber / residue food items with simple cooking method (e.g poultry and fishy).
DOES NOT contain fried food or food/fruit which may causing gastric irritation.
CHML Child Meal Lesser than adult meal, easy to bite and chew
DBML Diabetic Meal Suitable for passengers with diabetes; It contains complex carbohydrates with no added sugar and low-salt cooking.
FPML Fruit Platter Meal It consists of fresh fruits, dried fruits or fruit compote. Fruit variety depends on supply and in season. 
GFML Gluten Intolerant Meal Suitable for gluten intolerant passengers, this meal exclude wheat, barley, rye, oats products.
* Please note that we cannot completely prevent risks of cross contamination during the production process.
HNML Hindu Meal

Non vegetarian, Indian-style meal prepared according to Hindu customs practices. Typically cooked spicy or curried.

DOES NOT contain beef, veal and pork.

KSML Kosher Meal Prepared according to Jewish dietary requirements; contain meat.

*Hong Kong Airlines does not provide Passover meal (which are made of unleavened products).

LCML Low Calorie MealSuitable for passengers who need to minimize Calorie intake.

Usually low in fats, sauces, gravies and fried items.

LFML Low Fat MealSuitable for passengers who need to minimize intake of fatty food; only lean meat and vegetable oil allowed.
DOES NOT contain red meat, prawns, poultry skin of all types , fried food, butter and cream
LSML Low Salt MealSuitable for passengers who need to minimize intake of Salt;
Added salt within food processing and preparation (e.g. baking powder, soda, MSG) are either eliminated or restricted in amount.
MOML Muslim Meal Cooked and prepared in accordance with Halal method.
DOES NOT contain alcohol, pork, pig by-products, ham or bacon.
NLML Low Lactose Meal Suitable for lactose intolerant passengers.
DOES NOT contain dairy products (milk, dry milk solids, casein, cheese, cream, butter, lactose and margarine).
*This meal is not suitable for passengers who is allergic to milk or any dairy products.
RVML Vegetarian Raw Meal Combination of raw fruits and vegetables.
SPML No-Beef Meal DOES NOT contain beef, veal or related products
VGML Vegetarian Vegan Meal Suitable for vegan passengers; Cooked in Western-style.
DOES NOT contain any animal products or by-products such as eggs or dairy products.
VJML Vegetarian Jain Meal Indian style vegetarian meal prepared according to Jain customs. 
DOES NOT contain meat, poultry, fish, seafood, mushrooms and any root or bulbous vegetables such as onions, potatoes, carrots, dairy and egg product.
VLML Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal Suitable for Lacto-Ovo vegetarian; typically cooked in Western style; may contain dairy products and eggs.
DOES NOT contain meat of any sort
VOML Vegetarian Oriental Meal Suitable for vegetarian; typically cooked in Chinese style
DOES NOT contain meat of any sort, seafood, garlic, onion, eggs or dairy products

Please Note:  

1. While we aim to meet the special dietary requirements of our passengers, certain special meals listed here may be unavailable dependent of cabins and routes configuration, as well as the duration of flight. 

2. We regret we are not able to offer any variations for the above special meals and cannot provide you with personal preferred items.

3. Based on hygienic considerations, our crew will not be able to re-heat or chill any personal food items brought on board for consumption.