Suspension of Hong Kong Airlines flights to Vancouver, Ho Chi Minh City and Tianjin


Last Updated:(Hong Kong)2019-11-29


Hong Kong Airlines will suspend its services to Vancouver from 12 February 2020, Ho Chi Minh City from 20 February 2020 and Tianjin from 10 February 2020 to focus on operating other priority routes under the challenging business environment caused by the ongoing social unrest in Hong Kong.


The last Hong Kong Airlines flight to/from these destinations will be operated as follows:


Flight No


Date of last flight


Hong Kong – Vancouver

10 February 2020


Vancouver – Hong Kong

10 February 2020


Hong Kong – Ho Chi Minh City

19 February 2020


Ho Chi Minh City – Hong Kong

20 February 2020


Hong Kong – Tianjin

9 February 2020


Tianjin – Hong Kong

10 February 2020


Passengers who are holding confirmed bookings on Hong Kong Airlines’ flights to Vancouver, Ho Chi Minh City and Tianjin after these services end will be offered alternative arrangements, including:


1.  Full refund of unused sectors to passengers who will travel on or after the service ends and wish to cancel their trips

2.  Free change of travel date for flights

-          between Hong Kong and Vancouver before 12 February 2020

-          between Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City before 20 February 2020

-          between Hong Kong and Tianjin before 10 February 2020

3.  ​Free change to any destination operated by Hong Kong Airlines (applicable fare and taxes difference may apply)

4.  ​Free transfer to other partner carriers to be arranged by Hong Kong Airlines (subject to seat availability) 


We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers and will do our best to ensure that the arrangements fulfil the needs of all affected passengers. For enquiries or assistance, customers may call our 24-hour Service Hotline or email us as follows:

Hong Kong
Tel:       +852 3916 3666
Email: /


Tel:       +1 855 393 3880


Ho Chi Minh City
+84 24 3942 7799   


Tel:       +86 22 8738 0598 / +86 10 6409 4320

Hong Kong Airlines will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust our operation to respond to changing market demand.

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