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30分おきに情報提供をいたします。 (ポスターもしくはアナウンス)。
お水、スナック、ブランケットがある時には提供します。 (手配は状況によります)お手伝いが必要な場合はお申し出ください。
滞在先及びその他必要な手配 (長い遅延がしょうじた場合)。
香港航空 公式サイトもしくは香港コールセンターで予約の変更のお手伝い。 (条件に準じます)

Notice of overbooking handling:   

On many flights a certain number of passengers do not show up at the airport, despite having made a booking. Hong Kong Airlines may try to minimize the impacts to passenger due to ‘no shows’ caused. It is the discretion of Hong Kong Airlines to overbook a flight to a certain level based on commercial need, passenger profile and the availability of an alternative flight.

If some passengers have to give up their seats on an oversold flight due to denied boarding, we will take the following steps:

1) In order to minimize the impact of overbook, Hong Kong Airlines will do our best to call for volunteers at airport. Volunteers should be advised for the protection arrangement and offered recovery services.

2) We will try to have below arrangement for affected passengers:

Affected passengers should be arranged with protection flights so as to minimize the delay to their arrival at the destination;

Meals and /or refreshments should be offered to the affected passengers as deemed necessary while waiting for the rebooked flight. If the affected passengers will have to stay overnight for the next available flight, hotel accommodation should be arranged.

We will determine the compensation arrangement based on the traveling classes, flight distance, and the revised estimated arrival time of the alternative travel arrangements, or assist affected passengers for a refund. 

3) Condition of compensation arrangement

Passenger must be in possession of a valid ticket with a confirmed reservation for the particular flight shown on that ticket;

Passenger must also have presented themselves for check-in within the stipulated time limits and be in possession of the necessary travel documents, according to the General Conditions of Carriage. 

Hong Kong Airlines apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused to you and sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Hong Kong Airlines Limited

09 April 201