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Hong Kong Airlines Statement on Fraudulent Online Survey



It has come to the attention of our Company that there are recent incidents of perpetrators contacting customers in the name of Hong Kong Airlines for an online survey, which purports to invite them submit personal and credit card information.

Hong Kong Airlines hereby clarifies that such fraudulent online survey collecting personal and credit card information was not made by anyone under our authorization. We urge the members of the public to be vigilant against such deceiving acts.

The incidents have been given the utmost attention by our Company and we have reported the case to the Hong Kong Police. The Company reserves the rights in the pursuit of further legal action.


The Company hereby reminds all customers that if you have submitted your personal and credit card information to any fraudulent website, or received any suspicious survey request, please report to the Hong Kong Police Force immediately by phone (2828 7481), fax (2828 7457) or by email (


# If you have further inquiry, please contact our Customer Relations Department at (852) 3151 4661.