Philippines travel restrictions




Starting from 16 February 2021, foreign nationals holding the following valid visas are allowed to enter the Philippines:

-         Visas issued as of 20 March 2020 which are still valid at the time of entry

-         Valid Special Resident and Retirees Visa and Section 9(A) visas, and an entry exemption document presented to the Bureau of Immigration upon arrival


All foreigners must present a six-night booking at an accredited hotel for quarantine at check-in counter.

All passengers are required to register E-CIF to obtain a QR code and pre-register to perform COVID-19 test upon arrival. Foreigners and non-OFW passengers need to prepare PHP4,000 for the test and extra cash for local transportation expenses.


E-CIF for:


1.      Land-basedOversea Filipino Workers


2.      Sea-based Oversea FilipinoWorkers


3.      Other passengers (including Filipino citizens who are not in 1 and 2)



All passengers travelling to and from the Philippines are required to download Traze Contact Tracing app.


Starting from 15 August 2020, all passengers travelling to or from the Philippines are required to wear a *face shield, in addition to a face mask on all public transportation, including air travel.

*Face shield is available for sale atHKD30 from our check-in agent at Hong Kong International Airport.


All visa issuances and visa-free privileges to foreign nationals are suspended.

Passengers who meet the following criteria are permitted to enter the Philippines:

-         Accredited foreign government and international organization officials and their dependents.

-         Filipinos and foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals are permitted to enter. Foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals not travelling with the Filipino need to show proof of  marriage or filiation to be exempted.

-         9C visa holders.

-         All passengers will be required to undergo Covid-19 test and quarantine for at least 14 days after arrival in the Philippines.

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Starting from 1 August 2020, the following visa holders are permitted to enter the Philippines:

-         Series of visas under Section 13 of Commonwealth Act No. 613

-         Temporary Resident Visa for Indian nationals married to a Filipino citizen (based on Memorandum Order No.ADD-01-38 and ADD-02-015)

-         Permanent Resident Visa for Chinese nationals married to a Filipino citizen (based on CA 613, Sec. 13 (a) and Memorandum Order No. MCL-07-021)

-         Native Born Visa for foreigners born in the Philippines with at least one (1) parent holding a permanent resident status (based on CA 613, Sec. 13 (c))

-         Permanent Resident Visa under Executive Order No. 324

-         Permanent Resident Visa under Republic Act No. 7919


All foreigners are required to undergo RT-PCR swab test at their own expense upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.



Hong Kong Airlines staff will perform document checks at the airport to confirm if passengers are eligible to travel to destinations with restrictions in place. Passengers without checked baggage and holding mobile or self-print boarding passes will be subject to document check before boarding.


Passengers will also be asked to declare their travel history to help us ensure eligibility to travel. 


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