Entry requirements

From 11 October 2022, foreign nationals entering Japan are no longer required to complete the prescribed applications on the ERFS system regardless of the country/ region of departure.


Quarantine requirements

From 11 October 2022, on-arrival test, self-quarantine, public transportation restrictions are no longer required for foreign passengers who stayed in the countries/ regions from Group “Blue”, “Yellow” and “Red” within 14 days before the day of return to Japan or the day of application for landing on Japan*.

*The above is only applicable to countries/regions where COVID-19 Omicron variant is dominant.


For groupings of the countries/regions and the respective measures, please visit Japan MOFA website.



Visa requirements

From 11 October 2022, the following visa exemption measures will be resumed:

-Foreign nationals from listed countries/ regions entering Japan for a short-term stay

-Valid single and multiple-entry visas issued by Embassies or Consulates General and Consulates of Japan in all countries/ regions


For more information, please visit Japan MOFA website.



Boarding requirements

Passengers without valid vaccination certificate to show triple vaccination are required to provide the negative result proof of COVID-19 test (i.e. real time RT-PCR, Nucleic Acid Amplification test (LAMP), Transcription Mediated Amplification (TMA), Transcription Reverse-transcription Concerted reaction (TRC), Smart Amplification process (Smart Amp), Nicking Enzyme Amplification Reaction (NEAR), Next Generation Sequence, Antigen test (CLEIA/ECLIA)) by specimen collection method of Nasopharyngeal (Swab/Smear), Nasopharynx (Swab/Smear),  Rhinopharyngeal (Swab/Smear), Rhinopharynx (Swab/Smear), Nasal Swab, Saliva or Deep Throat Saliva or Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal Swab conducted within 72 hours before departure.


For more information on criteria for a valid vaccination certificate, please visit Japan MHLW website.


For more information, please visit Japan MOFA website.


Fast Track Application

Fast Track is available for passengers entering from Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Fukuoka Airport, New Chitose Airport and Naha Airport. To benefit from Fast Track, passengers shall pre-register for airport quarantine procedures via Visit Japan Web before flight departure.


For more information, please visit Fast Track.


Hong Kong Airlines staff will perform document checks at the airport to confirm if passengers are eligible to travel to destinations with restrictions in place. Passengers without checked baggage and holding mobile or self-print boarding passes will be subject to document check before boarding.

Passengers will also be asked to declare their travel history to help us ensure eligibility to travel.


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