Effective 1st March 2023, Hong Kong Airlines no longer require customers to wear a face covering onboard our aircraft, except for flights to and from Mainland China, Taiwan and Vietnam where, in accordance with local regulations, a face covering remains mandatory onboard.


Customers experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 are also requested to wear a face covering at all times at check-in, boarding gate, onboard the aircraft and during disembarkation.

Customers are reminded to adhere to the local requirements at their departure/arrival point which may differ.


Customers who are unable to wear a face covering for an extended period of time due to medical reasons may still be accepted for travel but should declare this at check-in. Questions on medical and travel history will be asked and responses noted in the booking record. We strongly suggest the use of alternative protection as recommended by a doctor.


All customers will be asked to provide a current contact number if we do not have a record of this to facilitate contact tracing by the relevant health authority.


Our staff at check-in, departure gate and on board will regularly check that all customers are adhering to the face covering requirement.